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Decatur, Illinois, offers a number of interesting things to see and do, and caters to both professionals and enthusiasts, whether it's car fishing or horseback riding. Decatur's Jewel Children's Museum of Illinois offers fun and excitement for all ages.

The village has a replica of a Lincoln-era house and features an exhibition of important exhibits inside as well as an outdoor history exhibition. It also highlights influential African Americans and hosts community events, including one on Black History Month in February.

The Macon County History Museum includes an outdoor prairie village that Hammel said was an opportunity to go back in time. If you are a history enthusiast, you will spend hours on end visiting the exhibition on the history of the town and the county, as well as the local history museum.

Abraham Lincoln also spent time in Decatur, and the Shadows of Lincoln tour features 15 exhibition spaces along the way that are replicas of historical events. The search for the Lincoln Trail also includes a rail-splitter candidate for the 1860 GOP convention. On June 26, 1913, the Illinois Legislature (p. 333) approved the Illinois Republican Congress, which took place at the Chicago State Capitol from June 25 to 27, 1914.

The council rooms are located in the Third Decatur Civic Center, located on the third floor of the city center on the corner of Main Street and Third Avenue, south of State Street.

The following abstract copies of the original records are available from the Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS). For more information on where Mac on County files are kept, visit the Macon County Courthouse page. You can also access a copy of these original documents at the Chicago Public Library or at the Regional Archives and Depositories of Illinois, IRad, located at the University of Illinois, Springfield.

An animated map illustrating the boundary changes of the Illinois county is available on the Illinois State Library website on the Illinois County rotating map.

For online order records, this brochure describes the records available at the Illinois State Archives and the Illinois State Library website.

The Macon County administrative officer maintains the original birth and death certificates of 1877, while the records of 1916 are kept by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Illinois State Archives has the largest collection of records on the sale of public land held by state archives. IRADs are the Illinois Regional Archives and Depositories, administered by the Illinois State Archives and located at the State Library in Springfield, Illinois, and Chicago and Chicago County, IL, both located at the Chicago Public Library.

It was known as the Goodman Band until 1871, when Andrew Goodman reorganized it. And that became Goodman's band. However, there were a number of name changes, including the renaming of Goodmana's band to Goodmana Band in 1872 and then to Chicago Band from 1873 to 1876.

In collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Decatur has become one of the top five historic sites in the United States for preserving historic buildings and structures. In addition to the Chicago Band and Goodman Band, it also hosts the annual Decatur - Forsyth Classic, presented by Tate Lyle and the decatur Park District, and the Illinois State Fair.

The lure of the West brought James to the scene, and in 1849 he accompanied his father on a sheep trip to Indiana. Here you can meet the place where Lincoln and his family first camped in a covered wagon after arriving in Indiana in the summer of 1848. This was originally a street town where Lincoln traveled, but the hometown is just a few miles south of downtown Decatur, and it just so happens to be the place where the true story of Lincoln began in Illinois.

That same year, IP & L also began looking for purchasing power and a power pool in southern Illinois. IP has teamed up with four adjacent utilities in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana to form Electric Energy Inc., to build power plants in Paducah and near the Kentucky-Illinois border.

The company took the name Illinois Power Company (IP), established its headquarters in Decatur, Illinois, and sold its Iowa operations to an unaffiliated company in September 1943. Over the next 15 years, Illinois Traction expanded its operations in Central Illinois, branching out into the northern and southern parts of the state, acquiring power plants in Peoria, Springfield and East St. Louis, and operating a power plant in southern Illinois near the Illinois-Indiana border. In 1911, important steps were taken to connect the lines and several electrically operated railroads, including the Chicago, Chicago and Northern Illinois Railway (C & N) and the Southern Illinois Railroad (SIR), became parts of Illinois Tractions. During the first two years of IP & L's existence, the company has been constructing power plants and expanding its power plant pool in southern Illinois and northern Illinois.

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