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The son of Betty and Edward Walker, he graduated from St. Teresa High School, where he was recognized as one of the best high school basketball players in Illinois. His awards include "top scorer" and "most valuable player," and he scored over 1,300 points in his career and led Macon County in scoring. Rodney Walker has announced he will take up his next leadership role as head coach of the US men's national team in the 2016-17 season.

In 2012, he was named by the Herald-Review Top 20 / 40 and named one of the 100 Best High School Basketball Players of 2012 by the Chicago Tribune. Crannell is also active in the community, volunteering for the Macon County Boys and Girls Club and the U.S. men's national team.

In 1984, she was named district coach of the year by the Women's Basketball Coaches Association and honored as American Coach and American Women in Sports Foundation (ASFW) in 1984 and 1984-85. American coach in 1985. She was a two-time All-American in the Mid-Illinois Conference and inducted into the Millikin University Athletic Hall of Fame in 1990. Harriett was also a member of three US men's national teams and one of four under-17 national teams. From 1984 to 1985 he was the Mid-West regional coach of the AsWF - of the Year - and received the National Collegiate Basketball Writers' Association (NBCWSA) Award in 1995, as well as recognition for his services to basketball as an assistant coach and assistant coach.

Halas, who played for Staley's baseball team, was also inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame along with former University of Illinois football coach Joe Paterno. He also helped found the American Professional Football Association, now known as the National Football League (NFL), and the Chicago Bears.

The team's success and the sport's growing popularity have forced Staley to rethink his football programme. The team he created became more popular, but the team's growth potential depended on moving to a bigger city and larger venues.

It was agreed that the Staleys would move to Chicago in October 1921 and play at Wrigley Field. Staley agreed to pay the team a $5,000 bonus to help with the move to Chicago, and 19 players on the list would remain on his payroll through the first season. Walker knew success had to be shared and agreed. With his move to Chicago, he was able to establish a foundation not only for the Bears but for the entire NFL.

First, he offered that Staley, though from humble beginnings, had very little formal education and missed many opportunities in his youth, would have enjoyed the sport because of its competitive nature. He actively participated as an observer in all kinds of sports programs and participated in many of them. Another possible reason for starting a sporting programme was the lessons learned from athleticism. There is nothing worse than having to deal with athletes who are very serious about what they do, who want to train and have a good attitude.

The Dutchman was just finishing his engineering degree at the University of Illinois, but he was not ready to commit to a sports program. He was first contacted by the Arcola team, which assembled a team for the National Junior College Athletics Association (NACAA) national championship game, and then he chose the nationally ranked Aggies from New Mexico State to continue his career as a student - athlete. Although he probably did not foresee the consequences, Staley's decision to do well set in motion a series of events that changed the face of sport in America. The New York Yankees signed him, and he injured his left knee in the game against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Oddly enough, he started playing for a local team called Arcola Independents in 1919. The Decatur Staleys had a successful season, became national champions and made their first appearance in a national championship game. In the Jordanians "showroom, they met a group of men who outlined in two hours what would become one of the most important events in the history of college sports in America. This would usher in the decade from the 1920s to the 1930s, with the rise of professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and other sports.

Halas played in the Great Lakes Navy during World War I, then played for the University of Illinois football team until the end and then for the Chicago Bears. Given that Wrigley Field was shared with the Chicago Cubs, they decided to call themselves the Bears, arguing that football players are bigger than baseball players.

Millikin University offered a variety of tournament facilities, including an indoor athletics facility, an outdoor track, a basketball court and a volleyball court. Walker graduated from Millikins University and went on to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned an associate's degree in business and was named a junior All-American college. After a successful career abroad, Walker returned to his hometown of Decatur and enjoyed a career in pharmaceutical sales in the pharmaceutical industry. Decades later, Rodney Walker found his way to running SkyWalker Sports, ran his business and remained a dedicated father and husband, and a passionate golfer.

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